Full Service

Showcase Pet Grooming and Supplies offers a variety of full service options for your pet grooming needs.  They take their time to ensure your pet is cared for in a loving, patient and calm environment and uses all natural professional grade products that are bio-degradable, non-toxic and cruelty-free.


Professional styling including:

Not every breed of dog should fit in a box, especially in Montana.  The style of your pets should depend on what you and your pet both need and want. Showcase Pet Grooming and Supplies utilizes an open communication, making sure to understand what you and your pet will be happy when you leave.  While every breed has a specific styling option, they realize that these specific styles won't always fit Montana dogs.  Showcase also enjoys working with you to create  your own unique style for your pet!  Many people prefer a cut that is easy to maintain at home. Pets need regular skin, hair and toenail maintenance for a healthier and happier life! 


Ear care and Pedicures:

Ear care is done always with a professional cleaner and deodorizer.  All the equipment is sterilized and sanitized every use.  Plucking or trimming of the ear hair is done at the owners direction. Toenails are important to keep trimmed, if left long they can make your dog uncomfortable and even in pain.  Showcase will trim the hair between the pads so less dirt is tracked into your home while they are trimming or grinding their toenails to a comfortable and safe length. They can even put some polish on your puppy (for an extra charge).


By Request

(no extra charge)

Anal glands are expressed for small dogs, bows, shedding treatment and cologne are all offered as part of the professional styling services at Showcase Pet Grooming and Supplies. 

Some additional full service options (for an extra charge) include odor terminator treatment (for de-skunking or that lovely dead smell) anal gland expression for large dogs, show and "fancy" styles, tooth brushing or Plaq Cleanse treatment (plaque and tarter reducing treatment).  Make sure to continue the treatment at home with our take home bottles.  They are happy to provide special handling for elderly or disabled dogs to make the grooming experience as low stress as possible.